Spigot & Socket pipes from AquaSpira have been successfully installed by Costain on a recent Northumbrian Water scheme at Cullercoates. The steel reinforced polyethylene pipes were selected in preference to concrete pipes for a variety of reasons, ranging from cost efficiency to improved hydraulic performance.
Whilst the unique steel reinforced polyethylene material ensured long-term structural performance would not be compromised, its weight is just 5% that of a concrete pipe, which enabled Costain to use much smaller plant to lift and handle the pipes. The significantly smaller OD of the pipes also meant that the trench width could be reduced, which in turn substantially reduced the volume of spoil to be removed and also reduced the footprint of the excavation in the highway.
Another key reason behind the decision to use AquaSpira pipes was the realization that when laying pipes in an existing highway, the contractor knew that they would have to contend with a multitude of other services. The combination of light weight 2.6m long pipes, with a minimal OD proved to be ideal for this environment, enabling quick, safe and efficient installation – without damaging any of the other services!